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Deanne Durbin – Cant Help Singing


Nosič/počet: CD/1
Koupit CD: SuperStarShop.cz

Seznam skladeb:
1. Always
2. Amapola
3. Love Is All
4. Spring In My Heart
5. Can`t Help Singing
6. When April Sings
7. My Own
8. Waltzing In The Clouds
9. Perhaps
10. It`s Foolish But It`s Fun
11. One Fine Day
12. It`s Raining Sunbeams
13. Blue Danube Dream
14. Turntable Song
15. Spring Will Be A Little Late
16. La Estrellita
17. Last Rose Of Summer
18. More And More
19. Beneath The Lights Of Home
20. Say A Prayer For The Boys Over There
21. Waltzing In The Clouds
22. When April Sings
23. Beneath The Lights Of Home
24. Perhaps
25. God Bless America
26. Love`s Old Sweet Song
27. Can`t Help Singing