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Greatest Disco Hits – Vol.2 Selection 2cd


Nosič/počet: CD/0
Koupit CD: SuperStarShop.cz

Seznam skladeb:
1. More Than A Woman
2. Ooh La La La
3. Just Another Rumour
4. Wanted For Murder
5. R.S.V.P.
6. Eat You Up
7. Who`s Crying Now
8. Is It Love You`re After
9. Heart Of Glass
10. I Can Fly
11. Oh L`Amour
12. All Over The World
13. Hot House
14. Landslide
15. He`s The Greatest Dancer
16. I`m Living My Own Life
17. Ladies Night
18. Get Down On It
19. Animal Magnetism
20. You`re A Beat
21. All American Boy
22. The Fight
23. Stargazing