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H.:dido & Aeneas Purcell – Fairy Queen


Nosič/počet: CD/2
Koupit CD: SuperStarShop.cz

Seznam skladeb:
1. Prelude
2. Hornpipe
3. Air
4. Rondeau
5. Overture
6. Come, Come, Come, Let Us Leave The Town
7. Fill Up The Bowl
8. First Act Tune: Jig
9. Come All Ye Songsters Of The Sky
10. Prelude
11. May The God Of Wit Inspire
12. Echo
13. Now Joyn Your Warbling Voices All
14. A Dance Of Fairies
15. Sing While We Trip It On The Green
16. See, Even Night Herself Is Here
17. I Am Come To Lock All Fast
18. One Charming Night
19. Hush, No More, Be Silent All
20. A Dance For The Followers Of Night
21. Second Act Tune: Air
22. If Love`s A Sweet Passion
23. Symphony While The Swans Come Forward
24. Dance For The Fairies
25. Dance For The Green Men
26. Ye Gentle Spirits Of The Air, Appear
27. Now The Maids And The Men
28. When I Have Often Heard
29. Dance Of Haymakers
30. A Thousand Thousand Ways We`ll Find