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Laaz Rockit – Taste Of Rebelion a Live U


Nosič/počet: CD/2
Koupit CD: SuperStarShop.cz

Seznam skladeb:
1. In the Name of the Father and the Gun
2. Greed Machine
3. Fire in the Hole
4. City´s Gonna Burn
5. Leatherdface
6. Suicide City
7. The Enemy Within
8. Prelude
9. Into the Asylum
10. Holiday in Cambodia
11. Curiosity Kills
12. Fire in the Hole
13. Shot to Hell
14. Last Breath
15. City´s Gonna Burn
16. Prelude
17. Bad Blood
18. Say Goodbye
19. Spared from the Fire
20. Mirror to Madness
21. Forced to Fight
22. Mob Justice
23. Euroshima