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Lacerhate – Mass Distraction


Nosič/počet: CD/1
Koupit CD: SuperStarShop.cz

Seznam skladeb:
1. Found
2. Don`t Think The Way They Do
3. Peaceful
4. Papa
5. Stay As You Are
6. Missing In Stereo
7. On My Way Down
8. Buckle Under Pressure
9. Baby`s Come Back
10. Wildflower
11. When She Stares
12. The End(UK Bonus Track)
13. Found (Video - UK Bonus Track)
14. Papa (Clean Version Video - UK Bonus Track)
15. Don`t Think The Way They Do (Video)
16. On My Way Down (Album version/2003 Re-recording)
17. Stuck In The Middle
18. Entitled (Fallout Shelter Demo `03)
19. Don`t Think The Way They Do (Magical Monitor Mix Feb `03)
20. Always Ends (Joff`s Basement Oslo Dec `01)
21. Jerome (Unreleased Track From On My Way down Sessions `02)
22. Peaceful (The Rak Rough mix `03)
23. Missing In Stereo (The Angry Mix By Kevin Shirley March `03)
24. Found (Live on SBN March `03)
25. When She Stares (Done Simple, Kevin Shirley March `03)